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Our Policies

Rental Period:

The lowest rental period is 24 hours.

Terms of Payments:

  • Rental charges are payable in advance BY CASH OR CREDIT CARD (MASTER / VISA).
  • Security Deposit is payable in advance by CASH OR CREDIT CARD ONLY

Kindly note that the security deposit amount is refundable via check or by Bank transfer ONLY (Extra charges such as Fines, SALIK,, and others are deducted within the rental period – 30 days minimum after returning the rented vehicle).

Cancellation Policy:

On the event on pre-close rental agreement, requested by rented or prepaid booking cancellation, rental fees are not refundable .

Rental Balance might be redeem to car rental (depend upon the mutual understating.)

For more information, please contact our customer service desk 04 5515947

Driving License:

  • All drivers must hold a locally registered driving license with at least 6 Months to 1-year validity.
  • UAE residents require a current UAE License.
  • Visitors should present a valid national and international driving license from their country of origin.


Renters must be at least 22 years to benefit from the Fully Comprehensive Insurance policy.

Additional Driver:

You can add multiple drivers to the same rented vehicle, as long as each meet the qualifications granted by SMS Rent a Car

There is no Additional charges / Hidden Charges.


Vehicles are covered by fully comprehensive insurance program according to United Arab Emirates laws. However, a police report must be obtained at the time of an accident or in the case of damage. If the renter fails to produce a valid police report to the car rental firm, he/she will be held responsible for all charges incurred.


  • In case of an unfortunate accident, you must notify the police immediately.
  • You should not dislocate the vehicle until the police issue a report.
  • Failure to submit a police report to SMS Rent A Car will hold you liable for all costs incurred as a result of the accident.
  • In case the customer is to blame for the car accident, he/she is held responsible for Excess Liability charges as well as rental fees in accordance to the time period necessary to repair the damaged vehicle.
  • Punctures, tires damage, wheel caps, aerials and windscreens are not covered by the insurance, unless the damage is caused as the result of an accident.
  • Off-road driving invalidates the insurance contract.

Traffic Fines:

For every traffic and municipality fine incurred during the rental period, you will be charged with 40 AED as a service charge.

The amount of Traffic Fines within the rental period have to be paid at the time of Due date..

Salik Fee:

You will be charged with 5 AED only each time the vehicle passes through the SALIK toll in Dubai.


Refuelling charges are applied according SMS Rent A Car rates, in case the vehicle is returned with decreased fuel level.

You will be charged 30 AED for each line.


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